Mark Racher week 1 - Let The Fun Begin with POWERbreathe

I received my POWERbreathe Plus about a 10 days ago. I was so excited to start using it and to get the testing started but had to postpone the start as I came down with a cold. However, I was looking forward to my breathing training.

Once recovered I started on Monday the 24th ready to rock and roll. The first thing I thought was this isn't going to be that hard as I'm in quite good shape and I thought I had quite good lung strength coming from a swimming background and doing ironman triathlons but Oh I was so wrong!! I have started on level 2 as of the level of my fitness and the phase in my training that I'm in at the moment, which is base training.

I  started with the nose clip on and the powerbreath in and was ready to start my 2sets of 30 breaths. Once started I noticed how much work it takes to breathe in and with the added resistance it was hard by the end of the 30  I was definitely noticing the burn of the restriction and felt a little light headed, but good.

The second set I got into a good rhythm and felt the burn in the lungs much earlier than the first set so it must have taken its toll on me because 30 was very challenging towards the end .

Now the week is over I'm starting to feel positive results already as I will be going up 1 level on Monday the 2x30 breaths are not as challenging to me as when I started as the burn has gone so I think it's time for a harder workout .

My plans are after 4 weeks to try the POWERbreathe when I'm doing interval work on my turbo trainer to see what the effects will be under conditions where my heart rate is elevated so please come back and read my blog.

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