POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 10: 3 week catchup

“I’m keen to tell you about my last 3 weeks experience with the POWERbreathe.  I’ve not been able to blog on my experiences as I’ve been travelling internationally and every minute has been booked up.  So no time for training either; I‘ve had 2 workouts and 9 holes of golf, poor really.  At the first part of my trip I was actually on a golfing holiday and played 3 rounds in 3 days, and given I only play 3-4 times a year these days, that’s a lot for a 49 year old body to cope with!  I am a 15 handicapper (for those non golfers it means I’m not very good!), but usually play to 15 even though I only play a few times a year.  Generally though I notice after a round of golf that my ribs and thoracic spine are sore and uncomfortable; much of this is coming from my costo-vertebrals (rib joints).  So I was not looking forward to the discomfort after playing 3 times in 3 days.  I’ve been pretty good with the POWERbreathe over the last few weeks and was keen to see if it had any effect.  The difference was quite interesting.  While it would be wrong to say that I had no discomfort, I did have some, but I had significantly less than normal when I go on golf trips. This could of course have been due to any number of different reasons, but I’ve been doing these trips for some years now and have tried many different things to help, and typically of course some do and some don’t.  But I believe that the difference was from the POWERbreathe.  I also noticed a difference in the stiffness in my thoracic spine after this amount of golf; far less than normal too.  Sadly my scores didn’t improve, but as they say miracles take a little longer!

I wonder whether these improvements are because of my asthma when I was younger and the inherent breathing problems this has caused with my costo-vertebrals.  Maybe those with ‘normal’ rib joints wouldn’t see this difference, it would be interesting to hear anyone else’s experiences with the POWERbreathe who have got rib ‘issues’.  “

Martin Haines MCSP SRP MBCA


Intelligent Training Systems


UK Biomechanics Coaching Association

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