Johan Hoeke - POWERbreathe beginnings

Improves Indoor Rowing PerformanceI'm an indoor rower, and proud member of c2tweetcrew, our virtual indoor rowing team. ( We are a diverse group of enthusiastic indoor rowers that compete in different challenge and competitions.

At the moment, I'm getting ready for the Dutch National Indoor Rowing championship on december 10th. That's a 2K race, the traditional distance that rowers compete in in the Olympics for example. Not that I'm comparing myself to Olympians :) , I'm just a guy who enjoys the challenge of indoor rowing and improving my personal bests.

I have a following a training programme from concept2, and am keeping track of my results here:

On the concept2 UK site I noticed the POWERbreathe training guide for indoor rowers, That looked great. I have decided to get a POWERbreathe Plus Heavy Resistance model to help me get ready for my race.

First impressions: resistance level 0 is doable, I need the noseclip. Quarter turn is 1/4 to 1/2 resistance level, change is very noticable. Have been able to progress from level 0 to level 1 in two days. YMMV! No muscle soreness.

10 days in, and almost up to level 3.  First few breaths are very hard to get any air in at all, once I do I start counting back from 30, definitely feel the tightness on the chest afterwards, this goes away in 15 min or so.  Aside from progression no noticable impact on rowing yet except added awareness of breathing.  When doing UT1 or UT2 rows I am able to take deep breaths and slow down my HR a little.

Used POWERbreathe whilest rowing the cooldown today.  At level 0, barely made 2 minutes before running out of breath. Is supposed to act like a sponge for lactic acid. Need that tonite, felt my legs after a 10 minute AT piece.

Had to turn down the resistance 1/4 turn during the before-bed 30 breaths set. Tired from the cooldown? Sticking with the slightly lower setting for now.  Focusing on deep breaths. The first couple of breaths are still hard. Once I get going, I can hit 30 without having to really strain. Have to relax neck and throat muscles.

Working on using POWERbreathe without holding it in my hand, because at some stage I want to use it while rowing. Chest felt a little tight afterwards.  Decided to skip the before bed session, did a hard rowing workout tonight and breathing muscles need some rest I think :)

Keep checking back for regualr updates from me :)



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