Andrea Cunningham week 21 - The end of the road is in sight

Hi everyone I’m back at last with my 21st Journal and getting to the end of my 6month journals now with PowerBreathe….my god how time flies!  Well this week I’ve had my running shoes well and truly strapped to my feet!  Monday I went to body attack and then did a 7 mile run as well it seemed to go pretty well i.e. I didn’t want to keel over afterwards!  Then Tuesday I decided to give balance and combat a miss and did 13miles instead…it has to be said I did start to feel pretty light headed after this but I’m guessing it was because I had to run past numerous hotels and the smell of food was an absolute killer I was starving!  Wednesday then it was back to body attack and then 7 miles again….my legs were like blocks of lead that particular session of body attack was hardcore or maybe I just went at it harder than normal but every mile of that run I was out of breath and my legs felt horrible I was one happy girl to get home that night!!  Thursday then (still panicking about my lack of mileage) decided to run 10 miles this was better than Wednesday though I really really did not want to do it I was so tired and I literally must have said to myself just gotta get through tonight and then Friday is a day off lol…this marathon training may also be making me loose my marbles!

Friday then I took it easy and I’ve never been so glad to be inside my house – it’s starting to feel like I never see it!!  Saturday unfortunately I had to get up at the crack of dawn as there was a 10k race going on where I live so I need to get out and back before it started as part of it was directly in my route to and from home….anyway the sun was just rising so the first couple of miles were a tad torturous but then the sun came out and I was roasting toasting!  I managed 15miles this day – I really wanted to do 18 but I couldn’t figure out a route to get back to my house that bypassed the other runners but anyway I was absolutely knackered and starving as I hadn’t got up early enough for breakfast beforehand…that’ll teach me!  Has to be said though even though I was dead physically from the week my breathing during my runs was defiantly better!

Sunday then I was a very very lazy girl and watched a whole lot of rugby…very early in the morning unfortunately!  This week coming I’m going to tackle a 20miler at the weekend and this weekend will also be the last weekend I eat and drink anything “bad” well I’m certainly going to try anyway its going to be goodbye wine and chocolate and hello water and pasta…yawn!  It has to be said this part of the training I do not enjoy at all!  All this torture is because I’m running the Dublin marathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care so any spare pennies would be greatly appreciated

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