Samuel Dallimore Week 11: Improvements all round with POWERbreathe

This weeks training has gone well, my POWERbreathe work has come along strongly this week and I'm really feeling better for it. I feel a lot more in control of breathing in and out whilst under demand when I'm exercising, particularly for swimming. I've been doing a lot of pilates this week and again I'm feeling a lot more stable and in control of the areas of injury, this is due to the muscle groups required to stabilise the joints to prevent further injury have become a lot more engaged. This means that when the joint is put under a load or strain, the muscles are engaging at the correct time and place to enable the load to be spread over the body rather than focused to the weakest point which is what has been happening before.

There are two aspects to my rehab, the nervous system and the muscular system. Because my muscles where not engaging properly, I hadn't development enough of a connection to certain muscles to enable me to fully control their on/ off engaging or contraction. This meant the body wasn't taking the loads how it was designed and hence wore and tore in the wrong areas, areas not meant to cope with that strain.

The second aspect after The neural points is the muscular development, on top of getting a better engagement and control of the muscle, the muscle will also increase in tone, overall strength and endurance with rehab. With all this considered it makes the muscle so much more functional and better able to cope with strains and loads beard upon it. This is why I feel so much better at the moment, because my muscles ( particularly my core) are getting so much more functional and so my general aches and pains are much lower.

Check back next week for my final instalment of my POWERbreathe trial.

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