Andrea Cunningham Week 20 – I'm back

Hi everyone I’m back at last with my 20th journal it’s been a while!!!  So I was off on holiday there in sunny Spain for 3 weeks and then last week was just mental with work so I didn’t get the opportunity to catch up with you all.  You’ll be please to know I packed my trainers and PowerBreathe for their holidays too though I wasn’t quite as productive as I had of hoped!!  When I landed it was 41 in the shade and suffering from asthma it did take me a couple of days to adjust to the humidity and I also to decrease the resistance on my PowerBreathe as I couldn’t do it at the level I’d reached.

After a couple of days (and now behind already with my training) I decided I had to face the run…though dreaded it.  I decided the only way I was going to be able to do was if it was first thing in the morning and getting up at 630am on your holidays isn’t fun!  I found a route that was 8miles in total so the first time I went it was “interesting” my chest and throat ended up hurting a lot probably because I was trying to breathe too hard even at that time it was roasting and the longer I was out the hotter it was getting and the less oxygen there appeared to be so I walked more than normal.  Nevertheless I persevered and did the same run 3 days in a row just to see if I would improve any…lol I didn’t!! I then took the next couple of days off and I have to admit I was pretty defeated at how hard I found it…and now starting to panic about being behind with the marathon training.  Few days later I decided to give it another go and did it for the following 3 days in a row…the first day was better than the rest as when I went on the second day my chest and throat hurt from the previous day so that day and the following weren’t so good unfortunately.  It has to be said though even though I did feel like I was going to pass out on a few occasions doing the 8milers during the day my breathing (even with sore chest muscles) was better.  Now way behind with my training I was still very deflated so I planned different routes with what I hoped was better air quality as I had been running through desert kind of land through salt lakes I decided to head for the sea and away from snake land so I took a couple of days off and then aimed for a 14 miler.  This was tough as the sun was fully out in all its glory and hot about 6 miles in and there is only so much water one can carry – it has to be said I hated every moment it felt like I was constantly struggling for air and was extremely happy to get back home.  The next day I did 13 miles but I completed different route and I included the pier which is a mile long so I ran up and down it about 5 times and then from home to it and back home again.  Halleluiah there was air here at least but about hour in it was so warm and so bright it was hard going….I passed a chemist on the way home and it told me it was 31degrees at that time of the morning!  I only managed one more run when I was there just 8miles and again it wasn’t the best.  I was supposed to complete two 18milers when I was there but I honestly just couldn’t have done it in the heat and lack of air!!

So that leads to last week then back in rainy Northern Ireland just home I decided I better get back on track asap.  So hit body attack and did an 8miler as well.  I think I had quickened up to my surprise as the runs on holiday were pretty shocking!  Then the next day I did 14 miles which was a huge amount quicker than I’d ever ran before…granted I did want to pass out at the end but still I was quite chuffed with myself I’m no speedy gonazles by any stretch of the imagination but for me it was good so perhaps all that torture on holidays had paid off!!  This week now as I know I am behind with training its full steam ahead starting to panic now but heh there’s no getting out of it so I’ve got get the trainers on and get back to it!! In case there are any kind souls out there I’m running the Dublin marathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care and any spare pennies would be greatly appreciated

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