Madeline Simon (MS) – Partying with POWERbreathe

My brother-in-law’s 50th birthday party was excellent - the food, the music and the company. It was a late night, but I was not as late leaving as others… I think the last person left at 3am!

As I promised last week, here are the results from my POWERbreathe K3:

  • Load      3.4 cmH2O
  • Power    4.7 Watts
  • Volume  2.1 Litres
  • T-index  89% - High

Looking through the description of the statistic results in the POWERbreathe booklet I realise there is definite room for improvement. So now I have declared my results (that’s the hard bit) I will give you a regular update every 4 weeks. There’s nothing quite like sharing your results with others to make you work extra hard to improve them.

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