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Maxine FilbyI’m an Elite XC Mountain Bike racer; I have only been racing for three years so when it comes to training at this high level I’m still very much finding my feet.  I assumed that as I was getting fitter and my body was getting stronger that my lungs would follow suit, surely with the training I was doing they would benefit too.

Unfortunately, I had a little bit of a rude awakening following a nasty bout of bronchitis about three months ago.  I made sure that I was fully recovered before beginning to train and race again.  When I was doing high intensity intervals I began to wheeze a little, I probably should have investigated further at that point but eager to get back to form I began to race again. My first race back was a disaster, I got half way into the first lap when I couldn’t get my breath at all, it was quite a frightening experience.  Off I went to the doctor who diagnosed me with exercise related asthma and gave me inhalers to try.  The first race with the inhaler ended in the same way as the first with me wheezing round the lap getting more and more uptight.  It was back to the drawing board; I have a great masseur (Liz Soames at Working Bodies, Towcester) who suggested that I wasn’t using my lungs correctly and suggested I have a look at POWERbreathe.  She thought that I was just breathing from my chest and could benefit from training with a POWERbreathe, effectively learning how to breathe properly again.

I have had an POWERbreathe Plus Heavy Resistance for a couple of days now; I was really surprised how difficult it was just to complete the 30 breaths on level 0 to begin with. I’m still on level 0 but can now complete the 30 breaths, I really cannot imagine being able to get up to level 10. It makes my lungs feel like my legs do after a good training session, I’m very excited to see how I improve over the coming weeks.  I have a couple of big races to end the season this month and it would be great if I could finish on a good note, I have a feeling that it might be my legs struggling to keep up with my lungs for a change!

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Maxine Filby

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