The Music Tutors: POWERbreathe Week 4, after a hiatus

Unfortunately we did not keep up with our progress over the last 2 weeks because of moving back to the UK.

Laura is in Belfast now and cannot do her POWERbreathe because I have it with me. She will recommence when i next see her in a couple of weeks.  I am going to start again today.  I have just taken some more readings of how long I can sustain various notes pianissimo on an 'i' vowel, and the results are very similar to the most recent ones.   The figures in brackets are a reminder of the results before starting this challenge. The lowest note is the A below middle C ( I am a counter-tenor).

A           25.13s                                      ( 20s)
C             27.63s                                       (18.67s)
E              24.23s                                       (17.67s)
G              21.28s                                       (16s)
C               11.43s                                       (8s)

I am pleased to see that after 2 weeks of not doing the exercises, I have maintained what is still a marked improvement over the first results which I took before using POWERbreathe.   Recently singing in a wedding in Normandy on the way back from Sicily, after not singing in public for a while, it was noticeable to me that I could sing longer phrases in some early choral polyphony, with fewer breaths.  Let us see whether I can improve on these results over the next few days.

For more detailed results, read more at the Music Tutors

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