POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 9: Ramping up the Intensity

Still recovering from the head injury, so I feel all behind with my preparations. Still, nothing I can do about that i guess.

The problem I currently have is related to change of pace and oxygen demand, so starting and stopping is hard work. I have upped the intensity of the training  a little this week, to introduce intervals and track sprints. All things I should have been doing all along, but never mind. Getting back from injury is tough, specially a head injury. I am also trying hard to learn about the nutrition side of things, and sometimes I get that right, sometimes not! The track work was always going to hurt after a long layoff. It did!! despite almost running to the point of collapse, and feeling incredibly dizzy after each rep - but no inhaler needed! Great news! usually I do need it for track sprints. No chest pain either which I sometimes get after high intensity exercise (asthma related).

Level 6 is still tough though, think I will be here for a little while yet!


Melanie Ryding


  • Hi Melanie - POWERbreathe Guru here just to say that you're doing the right thing, sticking to your training level. Only turn up the resistance a quarter when you feel you can do 30 breaths at level 6 easily. Level 6 is very high and tough, so I'm not surprised you need to stay on it for a while. And don't forget to pop POWERbreathe into your suitcase too when you go to China so you keep on top of things. Good luck Melanie - we're so pleased you're well on the road to recovery.


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