James Doyle - POWERbreathe and Handball while suffering from Crohn's disease

My name is James Doyle from Ireland and back in 2009 I became the only Irish Adult to win a World Small ball handball title (just Google James Doyle handball). Without a doubt POWERbreathe helped me achieve my World title. Just using POWERbreathe Classic for 15 minutes each day has seen a dramatic improvement in my fitness and has been a major factor in helping me win my World Title back in late 2009. The World championship takes place next October and I have started training for this last week.  I suffer from Crohn’s disease and can suffer a loss of energy but POWERbreathe can replace this loss. I have just started professional training for next year's world's and hope to try out the POWERbreathe Plus for this championship. Hopefully this will give me the edge to claim another title. I used the old Classic which has served me well and definitely helped me win.

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