The Music Tutors: POWERbreathe Week One Results

We have now been using POWERbreathe for seven days. For the first day we used setting 0 and since then setting 1. We plan on using setting 2 today as the first setting is noticeably easier now.
Before using POWERbreathe we timed how long we could sing various pitches on an /i/ vowel softly.

These first timings were to the nearest second. A week later we took slightly more precise timings with a stopwatch. Each pitch was sung three times and the average time is given below.

Here are the findings so far

Week One                       Week Two

A(below middle C)  18.67                                23.42
C                                     17.33                                20.81
E                                     15.67                               16.54
G                                    13.67                                14.92
C1                                   8.67                                  9.30

Week One                          Week  Two

A                                     20                                    20.53
C                                     18.67                               21.89
E                                     17.67                               21.11
G                                     16                                   19.8
C                                     8                                     10.43

As you can see we have noticed a significant improvement after using POWERbreathe for one week.  We wonder whether this is just an initial surge to be followed by only a little improvement or whether we will begin to see a trend in the next figures.   Apart from these figures there are no obviously noticeable effects on our breath control while singing actual pieces.   We are excited to see what happens and will keep you updated.  If you have any experiences of using POWERbreathe to improve your breathing for music purposes please let us know about them.


  • Great idea - and even better results, even after just one week. Benefits are usually seen after 4-weeks' training, and as you work your way up through the POWERbreathe training levels. This is going to be a really interesting blog to follow, and I look forward to your next results. Keep up the good work :)


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