Madeline Simon (MS) – Swimming with my POWERbreathe

I feel really pleased with myself for getting all the exercises done that I had planned to do.

The swimming was my highlight. Thanks to the POWERbreathe my lungs were strong and I felt fit, plus my stamina was good and I didn’t get out of breath during my swim. I did 20 lengths and knew I could do more but didn’t want to risk tiring myself out too much. Yes, I did have to have a good siesta in the afternoon. My game plan is to do no more than 1/2 mile in one session and initially do it once a week, plus do it in the mornings when I have more energy, coupled with the fact that the pool is a bit quieter, especially if I go at 9am.

I find swimming and the use of my POWERbreathe is the best exercise, as nobody would know I have MS, but more importantly, they work so many muscles. Believe it or not I can’t run, and walking is a matter of keeping my balance which requires good concentration, however my focused concentration is not fantastic what with the cerebella tremor, and I get very exhausted.

Give me a POWERbreathe, a swimming pool and my Pilates any day! I highly recommend all three!

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