POWERbreathe Trial – Samuel Dallimore Week 5: Back into the water

After a disrupted schedule last week due to an ear infection i'm getting back into training in and out of the pool. I swam last night properly for the first time in a while due to having to be out of the water until my ear had cleared up, we call it "swimmers ear" as it's a common problem with all the hours spent in the pool. I could feel that I've lost overall strength and particularly in my shoulders and core, which are some of the major contributors for generating power and speed in the water. As i may have mentioned before I'm hoping to start cross training to mix things up a bit as well as to gain some of the specific benefits that can come from alternate strength, power and fitness training methods.

Rock climbing is being talked about alot now in many sports for an alternate supplement to an athletes training and in swimming this is particularly so. Some of my fellow swimming friends have been doing it for a while now and all have said that its great for holistic workout for strength and core development. This is perfect for me as that's exactly what I need to develop most importantly. Being a sprint swimmer, having a good power to weight ratio is critical, but you still need a good base of strength to be able to apply what power you have without over loading your body with too many stresses and strains. This is a problem I've struggled with a lot, as I have power but relatively not as much strength overall or in my core.

This means I fatigue quite quickly because the strength that I have is being fully utilized to keep up with the demands i'm putting on my body, so not having any strength to spare and asking 100% of my muscles causes this fast fatiguing. Luckily I compete in sprint events which last around 50/60 seconds approximately depending on the event. So all I have to do is go for it and try to hang on to the finish, which is easier said than done I can tell you. I'm really looking forward to getting to the point at which i'm back into a full time training program again and to have my fitness restored to where it was back in November 2010. This coupled with my new powerbreathe program as recommended by the PowerBreathe Guru will hopefully get me to achieve these goals.

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