Josh Warrell Weeks 2-4: Getting into the groove

For the first 4 days I felt a little wheezy with a tightness in my chest during training but during the morning training session of day 5 I felt better than I had over the last few days.  The evening workout felt like hard work but the following morning my chest didn’t feel so tight and it was easier during training.   Another improvement the following day when my chest felt quite good during training, which also felt a little easier.  It’s June 23rd and my chest felt slightly easier again in the morning during training. I felt wheezy before the evening POWERbreathe training session, but fine during training itself.

June 24th and I felt wheezy when I woke up this morning but good during the morning POWERbreathe training session, however I did have a tight chest after training. The evening training felt good during and after. The next morning I felt good too with no tightness or wheezing. June 27th and I had a little wheeze this morning but with no tightness in my chest, and the evening POWERbreathe training session felt good. The next day and I feel just as good, with a clear chest, no wheezing and no tightness at all during training. June 29th has been quite an active day for me today; I’ve felt good with tightness in my chest.

July 1st and I have a slight tightness in my chest while training today. This continued over the next 3 days, but by the end of day 3 I realised that I was able to walk faster without getting breathless. Days 4 and 5 and my chest feels good this morning with no tightness or wheezing. I am able to be more active and can walk for longer and faster than I have for a long time. Final day of the week’s training and I felt a little tightness this morning. The evening POWERbreathe training session felt hard but I’m really pleased with the results.

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