Madeline Simon (MS) - Room with a view

My room is now nearly complete, however I am still waiting for the blind I’m having made and a headboard that I ordered via the Internet. I am so pleased with it all.

Unfortunately I didn’t do the painting etc as fatigue hit and I’ve got some lovely bruises on my legs. I won’t be wearing skirts for a while and a few siestas in the afternoons have been needed. So I am keeping my agenda quite sparse again this week and concentrating on building up my strength and muscles.

Interestingly I received some documentation from the MS society and one article was about the trial they did on exercise with a secondary progressive MS patient, not surprisingly it was hugely beneficial. It cost them nearly £150k ... I would have told them that for nothing! But I suppose they needed hard evidence. So guess what is on my agenda, exercise! It’s lucky I enjoy it plus you look good and feel better for doing it. So POWERbreathe, Pilates, possibly swimming…here I come!

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