POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 4: A difficult week

This week started really well. I think the progress on POWERbreathe is good, and I am securely on level 4 now. BUT - the mind progress is less! I still carry the inhaler to the track, and I did another tough session with coach on Tuesday, chest hurt but I wasn’t wheezing. I think I took the inhaler through habit rather than necessity, and on the final sprint rep, didn’t take it at all, breathing was fine, chest was fine, I was fine, and heart rate was lower than to be expected.

All in all, it seems progress is still being made, and I need to get used to not relying on that inhaler as much!

However, the POWERbreathe use was halted on Saturday, when something mysterious happened when I was out cycling. I cannot remember a thing about the incident, but I was found in the middle of the road unconscious, by a passing motorist. I woke up in hospital and was admitted for observation. A shock to say the least.

What I learned from this episode? Helmets are VITAL!! Mine is smashed to bits, I have bad concussion and feel rubbish, and however, I am still alive!

More can be read about my accident here: http://melanieryding.blogspot.com/2011/07/helmets-save-lives.htm

And what is left of the helmet can be seen in the pictures

Once I have recovered from the head injury I will resume with the POWERbreathe exercises, I think right now, I am too dizzy to manage it. Please please please wear a helmet, and please if you carry a phone, save a number in it called ICE (in case of emergency) this is how the police were able to locate my husband and identify me.

I am thankful for the very kind AMANDA who stopped to help and took care of me. I am glad there are still some kind people in the world.

Melanie Ryding



  • Melanie,

    Thanks for your blog. the most important thing is you are OK, it must of been a terrible ordeal for you. Helmets do indeed save lives.


  • Gosh Melanie what a shock. I can only imagine how you must have felt, not knowing what happened. Here at POWERbreathe the team wanted to wish you all the best for a full recovery, and please don't even think about using POWERbreathe until you feel you're 100% again. Best wishes Melanie from the POWERbreathe team.


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