POWERbreathe Trial – Colin White Week 3: Back to it

Since the camping trip I have been training with my wife who is due to run Race for Life on Sunday 24th July which is a distance of 5km. I'm not built to be a runner and prefer to cycle for cardio but thought I would give it a go.

With my PBK3 unit in tow I set to work running in the evenings with Kate.

One thing I did notice was that I was able to run the distance without getting out of breath (the last time I ran for 5k was probably sports day in school sometime in the early 90's and remember getting so out of breath that I was on a nebuliser!!). I have also increased the intensity of my daily training as I am looking to shift a few lbs, this includes some intense cycling (until I sweat) and curcuit training.

To support this I have increased the resistancy of my PBK and moved from 60 breaths to 90 (30 in morning, 30 afternoon and 30 in the evening).

I have also downloaded a "fitness app" on my phone.

Check back next week for the next instalment

Colin White


  • Fantastic to read that the POWERbreathe appears to be helping with your running too Colin, and what a great support you are to your wife. Please wish her all the best in her Race for Life and let us know how she gets on...and if you continue running after her training finishes. Don't forget to use the POWERbreathe as a warm-up prior to your run - it might just help that bit more.

  • Colin,

    How was the Race for Life?



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