POWERbreathe Trial – Samuel Dallimore Week 4: Ouch ear infection

My training routine has been interrupted this week with last minute changes in schedule and an unexpected ear infection, but as all athletes experience from time and time, you will run into problems. I had certain goals I wanted to achieve this week such as introducing alternate training methods such as rockclimbing, free-weights and increasing the swimming training after resting off for a bit. All though these goals may have been affected this week, i know i must reset them and not let an unpredictable set of circumstances effect me as an athlete. I will have to ease off of the powerbreath training a little so as not to aggravate my ear infection, but I see this as an opportunity to find something to do to make up for it. This will be to set a goal to practice more diaphragm breathing exercises, so i'm still working my breath control and strength to continue general progression in this area without causing more damage or setbacks which would come from pushing too far on the Powerbreath. From having been through all different kinds of difficult injuries I have learnt that patience is key to everything in sport, and this situation is a great example of that. I wont be able to swim until it clears up and so I must adjust my training routine to accommodate respectively. Setbacks happen often sometimes and its what you do when one occurs that defines who you are as an athlete, I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to progress in other areas I would not have other wised trained because I would have been swimming more. So Diaphragm exercises, increased strength and core work to stay out of the water will be on the plans for this week and I'm looking forward to it rather than seeing it as a negative.

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