POWERbreathe UK welcomes our international family to the UK

Well it has been a very busy week here at POWERbreathe Towers. Everyone has been having a big Spring Clean and getting rid of clutter on desks so it all looks nice and tidy for the big meeting next week.

Next week we welcome our international family of distributors to POWERbreathe Towers from Australia to Taiwan. For three days we will be showcasing the benefits of POWERbreathe. We welcome 36 friends from 20 countries to spend 3 days with us at the glorious Warwick Castle and surrounding grounds.

There will be plenty to do including learning sessions about POWERbreathe, participation is sports specific exercises as well as a tour of the beautiful Warwick Castle. POWERbreathe UK can't wait to meet everyone.

So it will be a busy 3 days but don't worry we will be reporting the goings on at the castle by posting regular updates on the POWERbreathe Facebook page.

Have a good weekend everyone and keep going with the breathing training. Remember 30 breaths twice daily!

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