POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 2: European Championships

Week 2.
I went to the European championships this week. I did take the POWERbreathe with me, and hoped to be able to continue fitting in my 30 breaths twice a day, but knew it may be a logistical challenge. I did manage at least one of them per day.


I think it is still early days, but something must be happening, because I remember it hurting my chest on the very first use, and now on level 3 it seems to be becoming more managable. I no longer get the chest pain, and maybe next week will be able to move it up another level. I have not been training hard, so I would not have needed my inhaler anyway. Training is on taper / race mode so it will be interesting to see what happens when I return to track sprinting etc after the rest week. That is when I usually need the inhaler so I am looking forward to finding out if it will have an impact.


Well that is all for now but their will be more to follow :)

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