POWERbreathe Trial – Samuel Dallimore Week 2: Getting into the swing of things

This week I have been continuing on my progress in and out of the pool. Weights and core resistance work in the gym and then lots of hypoxic exercises in the pool. Hypoxic exercises in the context of swimming training involves lots of breath holding and having to swim whilst doing so. It can be really tough at times but by using my powerbreathe I'm starting to already feel my breathing muscles becoming stronger. I'm putting these amazing early gains down to the twice a day every day routine and the added fact that because I train at elite level my body has learnt to adapt/ recover to fitness and strength training faster and faster as time goes by. It's meant that I've  been able to hold my breath longer and longer whilst feeling slightly more in control of my asthma. I used to react terribly to intensive exercise in most forms, losing all control of my breathing, but im starting to see that all that I need to do is to train and learn to control these muscles required to do so. The progress with this is slow but steady and the most important factor is that it's continual, the harder I can push on the powerbreathe and remain in control the better and faster the results I can see in and out of the pool.


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