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Breathing for focus using the 4-4-8 breathing technique

The 4-4-8 breathing technique is a basic breathing technique which is designed to help you relax and focus. This technique is great if you feel stressed or tense. Using this technique will help you get rid of the tension so you can focus on what you need to do. No matter what your goal is,

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Omega 3

Omega-3 The truth behind fish oils

If you engage in intense and sustained exercise – things like wrestling, or boot camp, or martial arts – you know that sometimes it’s hard to “catch your breath”. Your lungs are working as hard as they can, but you wonder if they’re really going to give you the oxygen you need or collapse and

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Running with COPD

Running With COPD

When people are out running they can sometimes struggle when trying to draw in oxygen to cope with the demands the body is placing on them.  This would be normally be associated with someone who is physically out of shape. However, if the symptoms persist then it could be more medically related and it is

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Inspiratory Muscle Training

What is Inspiratory Muscle Training?

Inspiratory muscle training is defined as a course of therapy consisting of a series of breathing exercises that aim to strengthen the bodies’ respiratory muscles making it easier for people to breathe. Inspiratory muscle training is normally aimed at people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD. However, many people adopt IMT as part

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Cycling Tips for Training Like an Olympian

Olympic track cycling involves intense acceleration and sprinting at high speeds. These sprint races require a combination of tactics and power for the six track Velodrome cycling events. Olympic road cycling however requires stamina to endure the long distances. This applies to both the road race and the individual time trials. Cycling tips for training

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Effects of High-Intensity IMT Following a Near-Fatal Gunshot Wound

CASE STUDY Effects of High-Intensity Inspiratory Muscle Training Following a Near-Fatal Gunshot Wound Description: A man who sustained a gunshot wound (via the left axilla which exited from the right side of the abdomen) during armed combat left him with severe thoracic and abdominal injuries. After five months he still reported severe dyspnoea on exertion

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Effects of IMT and Calisthenics-and-Breathing Exercises in COPD

STUDY: Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training and Calisthenics-and-Breathing Exercises in COPD With and Without Respiratory Muscle Weakness. Published in Respiratory Care (Nov 10 2015), the aim of this study was to “compare the effects of inspiratory muscle training and calisthenics-and-breathing exercises associated with physical training in subjects with COPD as an additional benefit of strength

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Causes Of Inspiratory Muscle Weakness

Weak inspiratory muscles can be the result of a number of causes, including disease, but the amount of ‘exercise’ they receive has a huge influence upon their condition. We use the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ to describe the best way to off-set problems that come with ageing, such as completing crosswords to keep

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Systematic Review of IMT After Cerebrovascular Accident

SYSTEMATIC REVIEW Systematic Review of Inspiratory Muscle Training After Cerebrovascular Accident Martín-Valero R, De La Casa Almeida M, Casuso-Holgado MJ, Heredia-Madrazo A. The objective of this Systematic Review, published in Respiratory Care (November 2015), was to “examine levels of evidence and recommendation grades of various therapeutic interventions of inspiratory muscle training in people who have

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Benefits Of Inspiratory Only vs Inspiratory And Expiratory Muscle Training

With research papers and meta-analyses having shown the scientific benefits of training your inspiratory muscles with POWERbreathe for fitness and sports, health and lifestyle and medical issues related to breathing problems, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to think then that training your expiratory muscles as well would be better still. Research to date however

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