ActiBreathe MuscleMix


The ActiBreathe MuscleMix Workout is the only health-inspired fitness workout to combine specific muscle conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe training.

  • Tones, sculpts and strengthens major muscle groups
  • Maximises calorie burn and boosts energy
  • Increases your breathing strength and stamina to make exercise feel easier (when POWERbreathe is incorporated)

Additional equipment required:

Level: Intermediate


The ActiBreathe MuscleMix Workout is a focused muscle conditioning workout, set to energising music, that will help you to increase muscle tone, strength and endurance. The additional use of the POWERbreathe in the workout adds a new dimension to your fitness training, increasing your breathing strength and stamina.

The ActiBreathe MuscleMix Workout is guided by Jon Trevor, ActiBreathe expert and celebrity trainer.

MuscleMix Workout:

This medium intensity 30-minute workout targets your upper body, legs and butt. When combined with POWERbreathe it will also strengthen your breathing muscles to improve your stamina. The MuscleMix Workout also incorporates a cardio workout to boost your metabolism and calorie burn.
Includes warm up, cool down and techniques sections to ensure an optimal training experience.


  • Maximises fitness in minimum time
  • Unique health-inspired fitness workout – first ever fitness workout to incorporate the scientifically proven benefits of POWERbreathe training
  • Benefits both your health and fitness, unlike traditional fitness workouts
  • Can easily be incorporated into your daily life
  • Guided workout with Jon Trevor, ActiBreathe expert, celebrity trainer, Fitness Industry Association Registered, REPs Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals)
  • Complete workout with warm-up and cool-down
  • Level of difficulty can be adapted to suit individual needs: exercises can be performed without POWERbreathe initially for a lower intensity training level; the POWERbreathe level of resistance may be increased for a higher intensity training level

About Jon Trevor

Jon Trevor, Fitness Industry Association registered and REPs Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals) works with many award winning British soap actors and performing artists in pop, rock and musical theatre.


  • 1 x deluxe MuscleMix Workout DVD (approx 30-mins)

Additional equipment required:


Any exercise programme comes with inherent risks. If in doubt please consult your healthcare professional before beginning this or any exercise programme.

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