New Website Launching Very Soon

image of new website

Here at POWERbreathe we will very soon be launching our brand new website. The design is easier to navigate and includes new features and improvements in functionality. Your feedback was helpful in the creation of our new website. We hope therefore that you like it as much as we do.

New Website Launch

As well as being more user friendly and interesting to navigate, we think visitors to and users of will notice a big difference and benefit from the changes.

New Health And Wellness Area

This video is a sneak preview of the Health and Wellness area of the new website. This includes links to specific health issues where breathing is a factor. To access this information, on the new site you simply click on a health concern to find out how and why POWERbreathe products are beneficial.

New Website Area For Sport And Fitness

The all new Sport and Fitness area of the site includes links to specific sports where you’ll find out how and why POWERbreathe products are beneficial. We thought therefore, that you might appreciate a sneak preview of the Sport and Fitness area on the new website.

New Area For Performing Arts

Our new Performing Arts section includes links to singing, music and dance, with details of how and why POWERbreathe products are beneficial to people in these sectors. Here’s a sneak preview of our new Performing Arts area on the website.

New And Improved Area For Medical Professionals

The area of the new website dedicated to Medical Professionals has been completely overhauled. It now includes an updated Knowledge Base of IMT in research which is more comprehensive and easier to use. This will enable you to quickly find research related to specific medical conditions. Furthermore, each of the medical specific POWERbreathe KH-Series’ devices includes a quick link to ‘Book A Demo’ of a device, helping you to quickly request a call or demonstration of a product, during which you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.

Finally, the new Insight area takes you to our News and Blog, FAQs and Research and Science. This area for Research and Science is where you’ll find research that used POWERbreathe products in their studies.

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