POWERbreathe Australia Launches!

A new POWERbreathe website has launched in Australia, developed and designed by our Australian POWERbreathe friends and distributor, for their community of sports people with an interest in improving their performance.

Australian Kayaker Jordan Wood, Kayaker/Surf Lifesaver Alyce Burnett and Ironwoman Harriet Brown are already Ambassadors and advocates of POWERbreathe, and the new website should help others understand the benefits of inspiratory muscle training and help them take the first step towards improving their breathing strength and stamina, and ultimately their performance.

“Aside from strengthening respiratory muscles to be able to hold a greater VO2 max I believe it [POWERbreathe] also allows the airways to be less reactive to EIA stimuli. Quite simply there is no reasonable difference in training the muscles that push the pedals to those that pump the air”, said professional cyclist Rachel Neylan.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) collaborated with the Australian Sports Commission to identify six megatrends likely to shape the Australian sports sector over the next 30 years, with individualised sport and fitness activities on the rise and at the top. This means that people are fitting sport into their increasingly busy and time-limited lifestyles to achieve personal health objectives, and this is where POWERbreathe can help, with its time-efficient training of just 30 breaths twice a day, taking about 5-minutes!

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