David Lombardo From Hagens Berman U-23 Team Takes 1st Place In Championships

Photo Credit: Alex Chiu @acaurora

POWERbreathe have been proudly sponsoring this talented team, the Hagens Berman U-23 Team, with POWERbreathe Plus models for riders and a POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software for the coach so that assessment and analysis of each team member’s breathing can regularly take place as part of their overall fitness testing and training.

Photo Credit: Alex Chiu @acaurora

The team has been performing well and at the USA Cycling National Championships at North Lake Tahoe, CA (June 24-28) they raced exceptionally well, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the exciting news that team member David Lombardo took top spot as the 2015 U-23 National Criterium Champion! Congratulations David!

The criterium race is a short race, and in the case of the Criterium Male U23 19-22 Pro/Cat 1/2, it was a 75-minute race held on open roads. It’s quite different to road racing, in fitness requirements, racing style and tactics as it’s a shorter, more technical and faster race.

Why train with POWERbreathe?

POWERbreathe IMT exercises the riders’ breathing muscles, mainly the diaphragm and intercostals, making them stronger and more resistant to fatigue which translates into improved stamina. And because the breathing muscles are stronger, they don’t need to steal blood from other working muscles for them to do their job properly, which means more oxygen-rich blood to the legs for more pedal-power. And because research has shown that cycling as little as 20km at race pace induces significant fatigue of the inspiratory muscles, more and more cyclists are choosing to include POWERbreathe IMT as part of their daily training.

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