Proper breathing is key for gymnasts

The Hybrid Perspective, Linking Gymnastics and Movement Science, recently began a series of articles about the importance of proper breathing in gymnastics.

In Part 1, 5 Reasons Why Training Proper Breathing Is Key Dr. Dave Tilley emphasises what a big deal breathing really is and how it will be a huge talking point at his two Gymnastics Live Seminars: one on spine injury prevention and one on mobility.

Dr. Tilley says, “Periods of fatigue shouldn’t be the only time they pay attention to it (breathing pattern). Athletes and coaches should be aware of proper breathing through all of practice, and I feel working it should also be a regular part of training. There is much support in the idea that mastering breathing plays a huge role in core control, power output, the state of their nervous system, mobility, recovery, and battling fatigue. In the next two weeks I’m going to share some background to breathing, along with 5 reasons behind why I work it at every practice with our gymnasts.

Part 2, 5 Reasons Why Training Proper Breathing Is Key (Pt 2): Tapping Into The Nervous System & Enhancing Mobility is also now available and looks into more important ideas related to the benefits of training and using proper breathing patterns and why breathing is so important for gymnasts to work on.

In this his second article, Dr. Tilley talks about how proper breathing patterns can make quite a substantial effect on the nervous system and how he has seen good success in using breathing drills and light self soft tissue work before he does mobility with gymnastics athletes/patients he works with.

Further into the article Dr. Tilley emphasises the importance of proper breathing patterns, using the core to act as a stable base to enhance movement in the arms and legs, especially during stretching. “Keeping the core stable can help fixate one end of the tissue trying to be mobilized, and breathing goes right along with this. As noted with the earlier parts of the post, it may also help to assist in relaxation for the nervous system rather than pushing hard and possibly inducing a perception of threat.”

Part 3, Increase Routine Endurance and Breathing Drill Videos is now also available and talks about how proper breathing can improve cardiovascular abilities during gymnastics routines.

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