Breathing Patterns by Robin McNelis

Robin McNelis is a chartered physiotherapist specialising in cardiac and respiratory physiotherapy at Wellington Hospital in London and a qualified athletics coach running his own health, fitness and wellbeing consultancy, Run Robin Run.

Athletics Weekly have been featuring his series of four articles, all about how to breathe correctly as an athlete, and how a good breathing technique can improve athletic performance.

This is the third article in the series, Breathing Patterns, which looks at how to prevent bad breathing and what triggers it.

Robin goes on to list 3 main categories that may trigger bad breathing:

1. Physical – such as environment, foods, allergens etc
2. Emotional – stress, anxiety and frustration to name but a few
3. Thought Processes – mainly self-diagnosis

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Athletics Weekly will be publishing Robin’s final article next in which he talks about breathing in exercise, looking at the techniques that can be used to strengthen your breathing and performance, including, among other things, Inspiratory Muscle Training and POWERbreathe!

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