Articles published on April 16, 2019

Endurance Training

POWERbreathe and Liz McTernan, Para-Triathlete

POWERbreathe met up with Para-Triathlete Liz McTernan at the University of Lincoln, along with the University’s Senior Lecturer in Sports Science, Dr Sandy Willmott. Liz, who’s based in Lincolnshire, is a world ranked Paracyclist and world Para-Triathlon Bronze Medalist 2012. Liz took up the sport after faulty diving equipment gave her a severe case of

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Effects of IMT on Resistance to Fatigue of Respiratory Muscles in Exercise

EliteVelo Kalas Sportswear Cycling Race Team using POWERbreathe Plus IMT (above) PHOTO: Richard Fox Photography STUDY: Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Resistance to Fatigue of Respiratory Muscles During Exhaustive Exercise M. O. Segizbaeva, N. N. Timofeev, Zh. A. Donina, E. N. Kur’yanovich, N. P. Aleksandrova This study, published in Body Metabolism and Exercise – Advances

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