Good and bad breathing in athletics by Robin McNelis

As well as being a qualified athletics coach running his own health, fitness and wellbeing consultancy, Run Robin Run, Robin is a chartered physiotherapist specialising in cardiac and respiratory physiotherapy at Wellington Hospital in London.

Robin wrote a series of four articles for Athletics Weekly in which he talks about how to breathe correctly as an athlete, and how a good breathing technique can improve athletic performance.

The first in his series of articles began with Correct Breathing for Athletes with this second one, ‘Good and Bad Breathing in Athletics’ discussing what makes up a good breathing pattern, what should happen to our breathing as we start to exercise and what can go wrong and potentially damage a performance.

Robin says that a normal breathing pattern at rest should, amongst other things, consist of the diaphragm and lower intercostal muscles doing the work, meaning that the abdomen swells by 25-50cm during inspiration with expiration relaxed and effortless.

Visit Athletics Weekly to read Good and Bad Breathing in Athletics by Robin McNelis online.

Look out for Robin’s next article in the series from Athletics Weekly, Breathing Patterns, in which he’ll be looking at trigger factors to bad breathing and how to recognise and control these.

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