Women’s eliteVELO Cycling Race Team and POWERbreathe

Through our main UK distributor, HaB Direct, POWERbreathe are proud to be sponsoring this women’s development and performance road racing team, eliteVELO Kalas Sportswear Cycling Race Team.

The team consists of 6 enthusiastic and highly talented riders: Alice Miller, Frankie Morgans-Slader, Hester Stembridge, Jenny Powell, Julia Hesselberg and Sophie Black.

This weekend at Finlake Lodges in Newton Abbott the team met up for their first training camp together, beginning on Friday night (27th Feb) where the team received their training gear, courtesy of their sponsors POWERbreathe, KALAS Sportswear UK kit, LAZER HELMETS and Power Tap.

We gave each of the girls a POWERbreathe Plus, and one of the reasons POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training will be of benefit to this team of cyclists is because the hunched position they cycle in makes breathing more of a challenge. This hunched position creates breathing problems as the contents of the abdomen become compressed and push up against the diaphragm, the main breathing muscle. This restricts normal movement of the breathing muscles and makes breathing feel much harder.

POWERbreathe exercises the inspiratory muscles, training them to become stronger as the girls breathe in through the adjustable resistance. This daily training improves their breathing strength and stamina and reduces fatigue, which means they’ll also find they’ll be able to cycle for longer with less effort – all because they’ve been ‘working out’ their breathing muscles which are often neglected.

Another reason POWERbreathe training will be beneficial to the girls is because research has shown that ‘oxygen uptake in respiratory muscles differs between men and women during exercise’, with respiratory muscles in women consuming a greater amount of oxygen than men. Another study also found that ‘women have greater shortness of breath than men when exercising due to greater electrical activation of their respiratory muscles’.

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The team, brought together by coaching company eliteVELO, will be competing at regional and national events including the Women’s Team Series and you can follow their progress on the team’s website, on Twitter, Facebook and here on POWERbreathe, where we also hope to bring you more photos by the team’s official photographer, Richard Fox Photography. In the meantime take a sneak peek of Richard’s EliteVelo Kalas CRT Cycling Shoot.

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