Elena Rigas, speed skater, trains with POWERbreathe

Here’s a short video by Elena Rigas from the Danish national team in Long Track Speed Skating, sharing with us her preparation for the Winter Olympics 2018.

She travels the globe from World Cup to World Cup, and here she can be seen using her POWERbreathe which she, along with all the skaters in the team, use all year round on a daily basis to train their inspiratory muscles to make them stronger, more powerful and less prone to fatigue.


Thank you Elena for sharing your preparation tips!

2 thoughts on “Elena Rigas, speed skater, trains with POWERbreathe”

  1. Great video! I will share it in my geographical region – there are no speedskaters, but manymany other sportists in many other sports!

    • Oh that would be great Andrej, thank you! And thank you for your comment too. It really is a very good video as it demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate this additional training which is usually missing from an athletes regimen. Thank you again 🙂


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