Articles published on September 2, 2018

Breathing Problems

Expiratory + IMT Improves Respiratory Muscle Strength in Subjects With COPD

Published in Respiratory Care: September 1, 2014 vol. 59 no. 9 1381-1388 STUDY Expiratory and Expiratory Plus Inspiratory Muscle Training Improves Respiratory Muscle Strength in Subjects With COPD: Systematic Review Leonardo F Neves, Manoela H Reis, Rodrigo DM Plentz, Darlan L Matte, Christian C Coronel, Graciele Sbruzzi Abstract “Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) produces beneficial effects

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Endurance Training

Inspiratory & Core Muscle Training Enhances Running Performance

Published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: Post Acceptance: August 26, 2014. STUDY ‘Functional’ inspiratory and core muscle training enhances running performance and economy Tong, Tomas K.; McConnell, Alison K.; Lin, Hua; Nie, Jinlei; Zhang, Haifeng; Wang, Jiayuan Abstract “We compared the effects of two 6-week high-intensity interval training interventions. Under the control condition

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