Respiratory Muscle Power & the Slow Component of O2 Uptake

Published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (September 2014 – Volume 46 – Issue 9 – p 1797–1807)


Respiratory Muscle Power & the Slow Component of O2 Uptake

Cross TJ, Winters C, Sheel AW, Sabapathy S.


“The slow component of O2 uptake (V˙O2sc) represents a progressive decline in work efficiency during strenuous, constant work rate cycling. Although most of this “excess” O2 uptake can be explained by factors intrinsic to the exercising muscles, it has been proposed that respiratory muscle work rate may also contribute to the V˙O2sc response. To date, however, no study has provided a comprehensive analysis of the mechanical power of breathing (Pb) in relation to the V˙O2sc while performing strenuous exercise.


“The findings of this investigation support the thesis that the energetic contribution from respiratory muscles to the V˙O2sc amplitude is disproportionately higher during severe- compared with that during heavy-intensity exercise.”

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