ActiBreathe Workshops, Seoul – Day 1

Firstly, what is ActiBreathe?

ActiBreathe by POWERbreathe is the only fitness-training programme to combine the benefits of POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training with body conditioning exercises to build your strength, stamina, flexibility and aerobic fitness all in one workout. It was developed to provide time-efficient workouts that would quickly improve physical fitness and stamina, while at the same time strengthen your heart and lungs, not only to improve your long-term fitness but also long-term health.

ActiBreathe’s uniqueness and adaptability make it ideal for individuals at all levels of fitness, and for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals to quickly and easily share with their clients. It incorporates POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training only at the most optimum times, intensifying the effects of a specific exercise and adding resistance to your breathing. Because every POWERbreathe model in the Classic Series, Plus Series and K-Series offer adjustable training resistances, you’re able to train at the right level for you, and still progress through the resistances as your breathing strength improves, and as your stamina improves from ActiBreathe’s multidisciplinary approach to health, fitness and exercise.

ActiBreathe launched in Seoul

On Friday 20th June 2014 POWERbreathe and International ActiBreathe Master Trainer Jon Trevor met up with our POWERbreathe friends in South Korea, Apsun Inc. in Seoul, to launch a one-day ActiBreathe Master Trainer Workshop to a group of 40 Fitness Professionals, followed by two day-long practical ActiBreathe Workshops.

Apsun Inc. organized the ActiBreathe launch, hiring a private room at a gym and a variety of fitness equipment for the various ActiBreathe workstations. We are very grateful to them for their generous hospitality and for such a rewarding, memorable and mutually beneficial experience. Thank you.

Day One – Master Trainer Workshop

Well what a magnificent turnout! A wonderfully enthusiastic group of 40 Fitness Professionals arrived willing and eager to learn more about this revolutionary and exciting programme that has been bubbling away in the Far East.

The workshop began by explaining the theory behind IMT and ActiBreathe, with Professor Hong-Chan providing a very valuable role as interpreter while also demonstrating the ActiBreathe exercises. We thank him most sincerely for his invaluable help in making the workshop such a success.

The ActiBreathe Master Trainer Workshop for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals teaches the science behind POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT); how to use POWERbreathe and how it works; how POWERbreathe IMT benefits health and fitness; how POWERbreathe combined with sport-specific exercises can improve performance in that sport; how and when to utilise POWERbreathe during an exercise; and how a combination of exercises can be adapted using POWERbreathe in conjunction with everyday fitness accessories and equipment to achieve an ‘ActiBreathe’ Workout.

ActiBreathe’s fresh approach to health, fitness and exercise was clearly welcomed by the group who were attentive throughout yet eager to get started on the actual physical workshop as they learned more about the ActiBreathe workstations during the workshop.

You can view the ActiBreathe Day 1 Master Trainer Workshop photo album on Facebook and some video clips of the day on the POWERbreatheUK Channel.

You can also now join the International ActiBreathe Movement group on Facebook – an exclusive group for ActiBreathe Pro Fitness Fans around the Globe, members of which receive and share news, views and the very latest training facts from the world of ActiBreathe. The group is managed by Jon Trevor, Celebrity Trainer and ActiBreathe International Master Trainer for ActiBreathe.

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