POWERbreathe and the National Slovenian Rowing Team

On June 9th our friends and distributor POWERbreathe Slovenia, IntAct Ljubljana, organised a POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training Seminar for the National Slovenian Rowing Team, at the Olympic Sport Center at Bled Lake.

The science behind POWERbreathe and IMT was presented not only to the rowing team themselves, but also to the main coaches of the Slo Rowing Team and Slovenian Cross Country Combined.

Two of the top rowers in the national team (Zupan) who recently achieved their best results in the European Championships (elite men) in Belgrade, had their breathing strength tested using the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link software. Needless to say it created a lot of interest that prompted further discussion about inspiratory muscle strength, flow and volume, resulting in a better understanding of why training these breathing muscles is of benefit.

After discussing the results of the tests, national coach Milos Jansa also took the S-Index test on the K5 and was impressed to see his own results instantly on screen. He – and the team – agreed that using POWERbreathe IMT made real sense, and were impressed with the scientific trials that showed:

  • IMT improved rowing time trial performance by up to 2.2%, equivalent to slashing 60m in a 2km race
  • IMT increased strength of inspiratory muscles by 30 – 50%
  • A POWERbreathe warm-up significantly improved rowing performance and reduced breathlessness in a competitive rower

After the seminar, POWERbreathe Slovenia were invited to stay and discuss POWERbreathe further, with the day finishing on a very promising note for the team, as their coach decided that his team would incorporate POWERbreathe into their preparations for the World Championships taking place at the end of August 2014.

You can view photos taken at the seminar on our Facebook page.

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