POWERbreathe can help provide relief for dancers

As a dancer you’ll no doubt be familiar with the aches and pains you feel in your jaw, ribs, chest, neck and back after a class or a performance. This is often caused as a result of you being taught to actively engage your midsection, holding in your core, sucking in your tummy, keeping your shoulders back and down, and of course keeping your bottom tucked in.

Not only can these aches and pain cause you to not perform at your best, but also running out of breath can also have a detrimental effect on your performance as well as your timing and phrasing.

All this engagement with your midsection compresses the contents of your abdomen against your diaphragm, which restricts your ability to take deep, full breaths. This restriction to your inhalation and poor breathing technique results in your neck and chest muscles being used to expand the upper part of your chest to help you breathe. As a dancer you’ll have strong, abdominal muscles, which can be overused, and in the case of breathing, will be in competition with your chest muscles. You’ll find that your muscles in your back will shorten as they too try to help create room in your chest for that essential breath.

But for dancers the competition between muscle groups doesn’t end there. Because you have to control movement in your arms too, the tension load in your neck chest and back is increased – adding to your already compromised breathing.

All is not lost though, because you can do something about it. Have a think about how you were breathing during your performance. Were you holding your breath? Did you get out of breath? Apparently if you find you cannot hold your breath for 40 seconds or more, then you probably need to release your diaphragm and start learning how to use it for proper breathing. This is where POWERbreathe can help you.

Because POWERbreathe is an inspiratory muscle training device, it helps you to breathe efficiently and improves your breathing strength and stamina. This is hugely beneficial to a dancer because if your breathing becomes fatigued, your posture and technique will suffer, creating that tension in your neck, shoulders and back. Breathing training with POWERbreathe is an important part of dance conditioning.

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