TIMT vs. Conventional Therapy on Weaning Period of Mechanically Ventilated Patients

This Comparative Study from the International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research (IJPR) (Vol.2, No. 2) was published online 11 April 2014


Effects of Threshold Inspiratory Muscle Training Versus Conventional Physiotherapy on the Weaning Period of Mechanically Ventilated Patients: A Comparative Study 


“To check the effectiveness of Conventional Physiotherapy and Threshold Inspiratory Muscle Training (TIMT) on the weaning period of mechanically ventilated patients.”


“Prolonged Mechanical ventilation (MV) of ICU patients is associated with high health care costs and respiratory muscle weakness which also has been suggested as a possible cause of delayed weaning from MV. Hence, TIMT may be seen as a possible accelerator for successful weaning.”


“The results of the study indicate that TIMT along with conventional physiotherapy produces more significant changes in MIP and weaning period of patients receiving mechanical ventilation as compared to conventional physiotherapy alone.”

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