POWERbreathe Sponsored Conference – Mountain Medicine: The Science and the Sport

On Tuesday 6th May The Royal Society of Medicine in London held a conference organized by The Military Medicine Section and sponsored by POWERbreathe International Limited and Expedition Medicine.

The conference, ‘Mountain Medicine: The Science and the Sport’, brought together some of the UK’s leading experts on mountain medicine to discuss topics that included the relevance and contribution of the UK military in this field; updates on advances in the understanding of high altitude illness and psychology; and it’s impact on physiology and performance.

Dr John O’Hara, Reader in Sport and Exercise Physiology at Leeds Metropolitan University, presented ‘Effectiveness of pre-acclimatisation strategies for high altitude exposure’ during which he referred to inspiratory muscle training and apnea as strategies “worthy of consideration as both have the potential for positive contributions.”

Dr O’Hara’s speech was accompanied by a slideshow presentation which opened with a slide of the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software (the very latest in smart breathing training technology) and a POWERbreathe Classic (the very first inspiratory muscle training devices from POWERbreathe).

During the conference POWERbreathe demonstrated the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software to delegates who were given the opportunity to test out this “Gold Standard” portable device that offers innovative lab quality measurements with comprehensive training and test data via the Breathe-Link software. Also of interest was the new POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) for altitude simulation, and in particular the range of portable inflatable’s with patented ‘Safety air release system’ technology to prevent accidental over inflation.

We’d like to thank The Royal Society of Medicine, Expedition Medicine and all the experts who made the conference a very informative and beneficial experience.

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