Petr Ton, Czech Ice Hockey Player uses POWERbreathe K3

Petr Ton is a Czech Ice Hockey forward, which means his position on the ice is primarily offensive, and as an ice hockey player he has to be fit for the high intensity intermittent skating, with recovery between shifts.

Petr plays for HC Sparta Praha (HC Sparta Prague) which is one of the most successful and famous clubs in Czech Ice Hockey history. It is a regular competitor at the highest levels of the Czech extraleague and is a playoff performer every year.

Petr’s high intensity burst of skating requires muscle strength, power and anaerobic endurance, and with the length of the game and the requirement for his breathing to recover quickly, a good, efficient aerobic system is demanded. This high level of aerobic fitness will help all ice hockey players skate for a long time at a moderate pace without getting too fatigued. And good anaerobic fitness means ice hockey players will be able to keep going at a higher intensity for longer before legs and body get tired and start to slow down.

Our friends and POWERbreathe distributor in the Czech Republic, truconneXion, provided Petr with the POWERbreathe K3 earlier this year in January, and shortly after using it religiously, Petr became convinced about the fitness benefits of inspiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe for ice hockey players. In fact Petr’s training Load values increased from 40/50 cmH2O up to 90 cmH2O after training with POWERbreathe, and his Flow (i.e. a measure of the maximum rate at which you can inhale air into your lungs) increased too from 7 L/s to 10 L/s.

Peter said: “I’m trying to train responsibly, and I have to train a lot otherwise I could not maintain this level of fitness… Proper breathing for ice hockey is particularly important, not only for the explosiveness and absolute speed, but also the ability to recover quickly. Respiratory muscles are also essential for the stability of the body when in contact with the opponent… That’s why I immediately took up training of the respiratory muscles, and especially the model with electronic management of the load which I consider extremely effective supplemental training.”

Thank you to truconneXion for sharing this news with us, and we’d like to wish Petr and his team all the best, and we look forward to hearing more from Petr about his progress with POWERbreathe.

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