Congratulations to Lisa Suzuki on winning the Shonan Marathon

At the beginning of November the 8th Shonan Marathon took place with approximately 20,000 participants entering the race that took place in Fujisawa, Japan.

Lisa Suzuki was one of those thousands competing to win the marathon, and she won the women’s full marathon.

Suzuki is a POWERbreathe user and member of the POWERbreathe Running Club in Japan and ran the marathon in a record 2 hours, 47 minutes and 26 seconds.

This was not only wonderful news for Suzuki, but also for her running club team members, and of course all of us at POWERbreathe and we congratulate her on this magnificent win. We also wish her all the best for forthcoming events and look forward to watching her progress still further and beat her personal best.

Thank you to our POWERbreathe friends and distributor in Japan, Entry Japan, for sharing this wonderful news with us all.

You can follow Lisa Suzuki’s progress by following her on Facebook page or by visiting her website.

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