POWERbreathe at European Respiratory Society Congress 2013

Earlier in September POWERbreathe attended the 23rd Annual ERS Congress in Barcelona where 10,000 delegates with an interest in respiratory health and disease from around the world came to learn more about raising awareness of lung health and improve prevention, management and treatment of respiratory diseases.

The objective of the ERS Congress is to share knowledge and in turn to “alleviate suffering from respiratory disease” which the congress does by ensuring every aspect of respiratory research is covered; from basic research to clinical practice to intensive care.

The new edition of the ERS’s European Lung White Book was announced at the congress by Professor John Gibson who said: “We hope that this White Book will help to inform decision making about the future provision of healthcare for patients with respiratory disease and to highlight the conditions for which more facilities and resources are likely to be required, as well as areas where further research is most needed”.

Included in the White Book is a chapter on Pulmonary Rehabilitation that looks at other interventions, including respiratory muscle training which, it says, ‘increases the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles.’ It goes on to say, ‘A recent meta-analysis showed that inspiratory muscle training improves muscle strength and endurance, functional exercise capacity, dyspnoea and HRQoL in COPD patients.’

Reflecting on what needs to be done in order to prevent the rise of respiratory diseases in the future, ERS has produced a forward-looking Roadmap outlining the necessary action.

The ERS Roadmap for Healthcare Professionals offers recommendations for the future of respiratory medicine and in Chapter 1, Prevention, explains how “most of the chronic disability and death in Europe can be accounted for by four major health determinants:

1. Tobacco
2. Physical inactivity
3. Alcohol
4. Poor diet

ERS says, “We need to develop robust and simple methods to screen for sleep breathing disorders, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other chronic respiratory conditions as well as respiratory infections, as these will remain significant challenges at the clinical level. More effective screening would enable us to anticipate respiratory health burdens of the future.”

“Research and innovation are crucial to our understanding, optimal management and future treatment of respiratory disease.”

And this is why every year POWERbreathe attends the ERS Annual Congress: to be a part of a team with the same objective, of helping to make a difference to those people with respiratory conditions by improving their quality of life, and for us it’s through respiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe.

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