SPINNING POWERbreathe Educational Training Course, Pisa, May 25th

Alphamed, our POWERbreathe friend and distributor in Italy, is this weekend working with Fispin Academy on a Spinning and POWERbreathe Educational Training day in Pisa.

As inspiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe has been shown to improve cycling performance and breathing stamina, the aim of the course is to educate both amateurs and professionals about POWERbreathe IMT, with specific POWERbreathe training protocols for Spinning.

The training day will alternate between theoretical sessions and practical sessions performed with POWERbreathe on Spin bikes.

Educational topics will include the history of Inspiratory Muscle Training, the physiological processes of the body, breathing, the application of the training protocols and POWERbreathe product training.

For more information and to reserve your place, email formazionespinning@fispinacademy.it

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