The Art of Swimming and POWERbreathe

Nick Gillingham MBE is a double Olympic medallist swimmer, former World, European and Commonwealth Champion setting 3 World, 10 European, 9 Commonwealth and 17 British Records for his breaststroke events…so he knows a thing or two about swimming.

Following this successful swimming career, Nick is now involved in all levels of swimming coaching, from his very own swimming academy to working alongside government bodies. He offers detailed swimming coaching including swimming courses, swimming training plans, his swim academy, online resources and carefully selected solutions to help improve swimming technique, strength, endurance, speed and recovery…one of which is POWERbreathe.

During the most recent Art of Swimming course at Ascot POWERbreathe was presented,

“POWERbreathe have a range of products designed to improve your breathing which is particularly useful for swimmers especially during their underwater phases. The POWERbreathe products exercise the lungs breathing muscles using the principles of resistance training to make your muscles work harder as you breathe in,” Nick commented.

During the course Nick addressed race preparation and overall technique which included analysis of breathing and head position among many other things.

Attendees of the Ascot course each got to use the POWERbreathe K5, and our very own Duncan gave a presentation on using POWERbreathe breathing training to improve breathing – an integral part of swimming technique.

You can find out more about Nick Gillingham’s Swimming Courses here and current schedule of events.

Read more about how strengthening your breathing muscles using POWERbreathe can improve your swimming technique, or if you’re a swimmer and are already using POWERbreathe, then please leave a comment here or on the POWERbreathe Forum as we’d love to hear about how you’ve benefited from this breathing training.

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