Learning about the Respiratory System for Fitness Instructing & Personal Training





Emma Foden is an Exercise Science Consultant and CYQ Accredited Head of the Training Academy at Dynamic Fitness. Emma is also a published author in the British Journal of Sports Medicine for her research on the ‘Effects of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory function and repetitive sprint performance in wheelchair basketball players’.

Here Emma tells us about the new REPs accredited courses Dynamic Fitness delivers, including one that teaches Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers the importance of the respiratory system.

“Dynamic Fitness has turned a bit of a corner in recent months. The business used to be about educating an individual, teaching the about their body, how to eat and how to train to get maximum results through Personal Training.

We now deliver REPs accredited courses in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training, teaching students face-to-face or via e-learning over a set period of time. In both the Fitness Instructing and the Personal Training courses students spend time learning about the Respiratory System which helps them to piece together this and the other five systems of the human body.

Within the body, especially during exercise, the effectiveness of the respiratory system and how well it works together with the cardiovascular system can have a definite improvement in exercise performance.

Students learn the transportation of air and then oxygen through the body and the process of diffusion for the gaseous exchange. They understand how the muscles help with inspiration and expiration. It is at this point that we talk about asthma and other respiratory disorders. From there it leads me to demonstrate the way that the intercostal muscles can be trained using improved breathing action.

The final point for student’s learning is to study the respiratory system in different populations; young people, pregnancy, in older people and disabilities.

Students are always fascinated to learn about POWERbreathe and their ability to train the intercostals muscles and I feel really lucky to be able to pass on this information to my students.

If you are interested in e-learning courses to be a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, please get in touch with me, Emma at [email protected] so we can discuss options and cost of learning.”


Our thanks go to Emma for highlighting the importance of learning about the respiratory system and how it works together with the cardio system to improve exercise performance. Congratulations Emma on delivering these REPS accredited courses. We’d love to hear how everyone gets on. If you have a message for Emma then please leave a comment here.

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