Could POWERbreathe prevent ‘turbo lag’ – cycling ace Sean Yates hopes so

Our POWERbreathe man, Duncan, recently visited Train Sharp, a POWERbreathe K5 Testing and Performance Centre in Tunbridge Wells.

TrainSharp is an experienced cycle coaching company, able to create bespoke cycling training plans around personal requirements.

Owner Jon Sharples is working in partnership with one of the biggest names in British cycling and former professional cyclist, Sean Yates. Working in partnership, both Jon and Sean have transformed beginners into top Cyclosport riders, helped juniors find pro team placements and good cyclists become even better cyclists.

Sean, former head directeur sportif at Team Sky, was one of the men who masterminded Bradley Wiggins’ Tour de France victory in July 2012 but is now giving his undivided coaching attention at TrainSharp.

Duncan met up with Jon and Sean to present the POWERbreathe K5 to them and demonstrate its functionality and power, and how easily it can be incorporated into a cyclists training to strengthen their breathing muscles for an improved performance.

Sean didn’t get off to the best of starts simply because he needed to practice his breathing technique, but after he’d quickly mastered this, his rhythm soon improved and his last 10 breaths were much more powerful. Imagine Duncan’s horror though when Sean then revealed that he’d had two strokes and “wears” a pacemaker! Sean doesn’t take his health for granted and with his ‘professional cyclist helmet on,’ he could understand how POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training could help increase his breathing strength and stamina and ultimately cycling performance, but he also pointed out how the K5 could help his breathing in general, as since his two strokes he now struggles to get his heart rate up enough to keep up with his output: “turbo lag” as he humorously described it.

We hope that when Duncan returns from his travels, Jon and Sean will be able to report favourable improvements in their breathing and cycling performance.

Read more about why you should include POWERbreathe IMT as part of your cycling training, or if you’re a cyclist and are already using POWERbreathe, then please leave a comment here as we’d love to hear about how you feel you’ve benefited from this breathing training.

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