POWERbreathe needs you!

As a POWERbreathe user, you’ll know that the scientifically proven training regimen of only 30 breaths, twice a day, was found to be the most beneficial. That’s simply breathing in through your POWERbreathe, 30 times after you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning, and 30 times before bed. Simple and effective.

However, it seems to be so simple and quick that many of us may ‘forget’ to do it after a while. After all you don’t need to set aside much time or utilise additional equipment and it doesn’t require any specific environment in which to do your POWERbreathe training: you’re not going out on various routes for instance to undertake your training.

Recently we received a post on the POWERbreatheUK Facebook page from just such a person who’s rediscovered his POWERbreathe, Justin Ross in Western Australia, to whom we’re very grateful for raising this issue. He wrote to tell us that he’s back using his POWERbreathe again after years of forgetting about it. He watched the instructional DVD and found the training “boring”, but he’s back using it again twice a day “for its strengthening benefits”.

So it made us think that perhaps there’s a way of making training fun – perhaps creating a CGI video game that is linked to, and responds to, your breathing training. What do you think? And do you think it’d create friendly competition between users if it were available via an app on your smartphone or tablet, and the Internet?

We’d really appreciate your feedback, comments, suggestions – any ideas for video games that combine with POWERbreathe breathing training to make it competitive and fun.

Please leave your comments here and we’ll then post ideas on our Facebook page and have a vote for the best one!

A big thank you from us all at POWERbreathe Towers 🙂

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