Czech triathlete “breathes a litre more” after training with POWERbreathe

More great news from our POWERbreathe friends in the Czech Republic, TruconneXion.

Last week, on the biggest Czech triathlon website, young amateur triathlete, Lukáš Netík’s wrote about his positive experience of POWERbreathe training.

Lukáš started POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training in 2011 on his Level 2 Medium Resistance (MR) model. With regular training he gradually increased the resistance load as his breathing muscles became stronger, but he soon got used to this increase in strength.

“I admit that although I trained according to the instructions, it was usually only once a day. Sometimes I missed completely and if I had a cold I put it aside for a few days. Yet regardless of this, results came relatively quickly and after a few weeks I got to the fifth level on the ten scale. Even breathing during exercise was suddenly easier. During swimming I no longer have to breathe so often, but to me the biggest PLUS I can see is when I’m in the cycling position and my diaphragm is compressed, with hands on the handlebars. And I also use if before a race as it’s great for warming-up,” Lukáš reported.

Every year Lukáš tests his VO2MAX on an ergometer, and he compared results from 2011 and 2012, to see if there were any changes to his breathing capacity and strength. Both results showed that Lukáš’s performance went up. In a 2012 test he reached the same power output with a lower heart rate (179 vs. 184 bpm), lower breathing frequency (34 vs. 40 breaths/minute) and a higher breathing volume (5,7 vs. 4,8 litres). Also his sports doctor commented on the positive change in his breathing.

Lukáš was pleasantly surprised with his improvements and said,

“I think that investing in POWERbreathe really paid off and I can only recommend it. I think Season 2012 went very well.” He qualified at the World Championships, took 2nd place in the European Cup Xterra and 11th place at the World Championships in the category up to 24 years.

Praising Lukáš , MD. Vladimir Vondruška , sports doctor from the University Hospital in Hradec Králové, commented on the annual increase of Lukáš’ ventilation parameters,

“We discussed using POWERbreathe with Lukáš in the autumn of 2011. After a year I was pleasantly surprised by the positive effects I saw in Lukáš – the obvious strengthening of his respiratory muscles (diaphragm), including intercostals. His breathing volume increased by about 1 litre, capitalizing on the part of his residual lung volume. After using POWERbreathe we could see a noticeable change in the efficiency of his lungs, which helps to improve his overall performance. ”

This has been translated from the original, which can be found on the website.

Read more about why it’s beneficial to use POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training to improve swimming performance, improve cycling performance, and improve running performance for triathlon. And if you’re already using POWERbreathe as part of your triathlon training, then please leave a comment here as we’d love to hear of your experience.

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