Czech Cyclocross Rider & POWERbreathe user wins World Cup Race

POWERbreathe in the Czech Republic, Truconnexion, are delighted to report that their POWERbreathe sponsored athlete, Cyclocross rider Martin Bina won the final World Cup race in Hoogerheide, Netherlands.

It was Martin’s first world cup victory and second podium after his third place in 2008…and this after he had to take a two-year break because of knee surgery. POWERbreathe became his essential training tool during his recovery, and he’s been using it since 2011.

Martin Bina said, “POWERbreathe is a great help.”

We’ve translated Martin’s comments from Czech, but you can see the original on Trueconnexion’s website

“During intense exercise such as Cyclocross, proper breathing is very important. POWERbreathe for training the respiratory muscles impressed me during spring camp in Mallorca and after returning I invested in the K3 digital model. With electronic load control, training is more efficient and more comfortable than with the mechanical models and I can see exact results on display every day.”

“My initial training load was 40-50 cmH2O, but after a month I increased to 80-90 cmH2O, which is almost twice my original load setting. Likewise, my respiratory power (measured in watts) increased from around 10 Watts to 22 Watts.”

“Although POWERbreathe cannot increase lung capacity *, it will teach you to breathe properly, and deeply.”

“Whereas at the beginning I trained with the average volume of 4 litres, after a month my average values increased to between 5.0 and 5.2 litres. On another level, I noticed that my breathing during exercise became easier, especially when going uphill. A very useful additional use of my POWERbreathe was the “Warm Up”, for warming up my respiratory muscles immediately before exercise – usually I’d just warm up my leg muscles, not my breathing muscles. I think the practice of respiratory muscle training using POWERbreathem is an effective means for improving performance.”

* Lung size varies from person to person, so there are natural limits to lung capacity, however you can influence the total lung capacity that you actually use, your vital capacity, by inspiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe.

Read more about how inspiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe can help improve cycling performance, as well as using POWERbreathe for warm-up before cycling, and for recovery.

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